Ghost Squash

When this little guy germinated, I had no idea what it was other than a melon, to judge from the tiny leaves. Turns out, it’s a White Scallop Squash or Pattypan Squash and is an heirloom variety. “A very ancient native American heirloom squash, grown by the northern Indians for hundreds of years.” “This type was depicted by Europeans back to 1591, and one of the best tasting and yielding varieties still around today! Great fried and baked. Flat fruit with scalloped edges-beautiful!” ~ Rareseeds I would’ve got the seed from Rowan’s Garden Larder or Boondi Seeds, I imagine. So anyway, it germinated – I will confess I had forgotten about it, so was quite surprised to see it. I was making seed and growing mediums for the containers I’d found laying around so potted it up, kept it close to the tap and well-fed. It seemed to wilt considerably in full sun (it is in a container after all), so it’s poddled along quite nicely under the dappled shade of old apple and cheery-plum trees. I wouldn’t say it’s bounded along, but it has survived and is starting to put out fruit – whether too late in the season for bounty,  we’ll see.