IMG_3007i’m too scared of styrofoam to continue growing my box o’ beets. I’ve researched, I’ve sought advise, I’vepondered and mused and even it is folksy and false, I’m going to err on the side of caution and transplant these little guys. Then pretend the damage, if any there be, hasn’t already been done. As the experiment it was, though, it’s mehh…the seeds germinated and grew but slowly. They are beets, the weather has been very cool to damn cold, and they would be due for a feed – perhaps overdue, as the medium is potting mix, manure and coir. A drink of seaweed emulsion before and after transplanting should help them settle in. These are Chiogga beets, a white and red stripey/spirally beetroot which I’m very much looking forward to. EDIT: I replanted. I just couldn’t do the polystyrene. It’s not based on any facts I’ve come across,  and possibly more like superstition, but I just like dirt. real dirt. The ground.