Very Raised Gardening II

IMG_3299Despite receiving very little attention, other than three hosings since things started germinating, the very raised bed lives on! A lot of transplanting to do with so many seedlings popping up, which is delightful. I had not expected such a success rate as the seeds that went in were, for the most part, at least a year old and I hadn’t stored them well – which says more for the quality of seed from the sellers (Rowan’s Garden Larder and Boondi Seeds) than my germination skillz.

Still, growth does seem slow. We didn’t get much of a summer, other than a few scorchers, and it is cold (4degrees C yesterday morning – and the first frost). Or maybe I’m just expecting a bit much from such a crowd and once I do some thinning they’ll have a chance to stretch their elbows out. I’m especially chuffed to see four little Purple Dragon brassica seedlings about to push their way forward