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Orchard, November 2014

Although knocked back by the lack of water last summer (early January, 2014), the orchard has rebounded. There are so many things growing in this pictured section alone – some edible, some not – as things are left to do as they will, with the occasional weeding and cutting back.

The trees are peach and long-established. I’ve grown honeysuckle up one that was ailing and it seems this has given it new vigour (or limb support – they do have a habit of falling off). Globe artichokes, beetroot,  silverbeet,  a relation to Silvan Berry and jerusalem artichokes are some of the self-spreaders that sort themselves out amongst chilean & pineapple guava (*Ugni” & ” ), lemon balm, the iris that gives orris root and a host of decoratives; such as the lovely mauve verbena that has clearly thrived and keeps the soil moist and friable. Calendula (good for you, good for plants) pops up everywhere, especially where it’s needed and will often be found congregated near a plant that just needs a bit of a pick-up.  This seems true also for dandelion, that weed accursed by many and understandably so. Aware of dandelion’s reputation as a helper plant, i let a few go to seed around a sorry patch and now I have a paddock-full of dandelion. Do not trust their beguiling ways.