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Vegan Review

7396615Upon arriving at our town’s new restaurant and take-away business, your humble vegie was pleasantly surprised to discover Paddy’s Waterholes politely caters for the non-meater and, so, promptly ordered their Zucchini Slice with salad. Which was delicious.

Due, in small part, to their good-sized mugs of soy coffee, I’ve returned quite a few times; the atmosphere is easy-going and congenial with our host-family welcoming, helpful and entertaining. “Good old-style home cooking” I heard someone say. So, putting that to the test (and taking a fairly serious one for the team!)  rather than the vego sushi on offer that evening, and it being Sunday, i ordered Roast of the Day and matching desert – roast lamb and choccy pud. I was not disappointed. Every bite reminded me of..I was going to say my ever-hardening arteries and a small, small lamb but actually, it reminded me of grandmothers and summer and the temptation of freshly-made choccy batter “just sitting for a bit”. 5 Celeries!