“I want death to find me planting my cabbages, but caring little for it, and even less for my imperfect garden”

Of course, this wont happen, I’ll just fall over into a puddle of compost tea, coffee clutched and unspilt.


Anything vegetative + water. I’ve unearthed a large plastic garbage bin with lid which I use to throw weeds into, especially “triangular onion weed” and other such undesirables. Having perfected the art of slackarse gardening, I usually forget to put the lid on until after it rains and a dark liquid is forming and starting to get a tad whiffy. Then I remember the lid.

I have an enormous amount of composting material available and once one bin fills up, I start on another, generally leaving each a month or so in summer, sometimes all season over winter. It eventually breaks down into a very unsavoury dark gloop that i then water down – about a cup to a 9 litre bucket. I have no reason for this amount, it just seems good. Experiment and see what your plants like.

I have found that a brew composed of a lot alliums (the aforementioned onion weed) appears to deter cabbage white butterfly. Or coincided this year with a lack of the same.


Soil+sand. Here’s a jpg of some information I’ve gardenered along the ways. There’s also a pdf of the same in the Library

seed and potting mix copy

TONICS – not gin and.

If it’s good for you, it’s good for the garden! Why not have a Happy Hour with your plants